Benefits Of Gamified Learning In Primary Schools

Education technology has continued to advance–thanks to the cutting-edge innovations that have made learning more exciting and engaging. With game-based learning and gamification of classrooms, popular approaches in the education sector are attracting parents with young school kids.

Be it Minecraft, Super Mario, and Fortnite–as parents and teachers, you must have noticed that your kids love video games. With a variety of ways to play from computers to consoles, more and more kids now love today’s gamified culture. Therefore, why not involve games in the core education of the children?

Let’s take their ‘motivation factor’ and apply it to learning. This approach will help build learner’s engagement, change their attitudes and perceptions towards education while developing skills through applied and hands-on learning approaches.

Benefits of AI-driven gamified learning system for kids

Makes learning interactive as well as fun — Irrespective of the subject matter and learner’s age, the gamification of learning always helps create educational, exciting, and entertaining content. This doesn’t necessarily mean to turn work into a game literally, but it plays on psychology that eventually wins human engagement.

Promotes interest for learning — The key motive of education is to instill applicable knowledge and information in a kid, but how useful is that information, if it fails to be retained? Another benefit of gamified learning is that its impact is high and it lasts long. When a developing brain successfully absorbs new information, it releases dopamine into the body, hence when your kid wins a game or achieves a goal, they feel good.

Allow your kid an opportunity to look into real-world applications — The next benefit in the row is that it involves your kids in a variety of activities. When your kids work and learn, the knowledge becomes effective for them to cement skills as they apply it to real-world scenarios.

Offers real-time feedback — Just imagine if we all got feedback on how well we have been doing in our lives once a year. Relationships, work, in fact, anything we have done regularly, might have had suffered from lack of self-review. The gamified learning approach allows kids to work towards measurable, meaningful, and real-time targets and acquire good reviews as the targets are achieved.

Gamified learning improves learning experience — The fact is that fitting each and every benefit of gamified learning in primary schools into a few points is not possible. When your child’s brain and body get involved in solving a task at the same time — it only benefits them not only academically, but also in personal life.

To conclude

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