Perks and aces of joining the video game development industry

As parents, you sometimes feel concerned about the screen time your kids get to spend with video games. Their curiosity and inquisitiveness may, sometimes, seem strange to you, but you must not discount it at any cost. Gaming has proven to improve the fundamental aspects of your kids’ development. If you are worried that your kid is spending too much of their time on the computer, playing video games, make them use that time to be more efficient and productive. For instance, children who like to play video games can be made to improve their concentration and problem-solving skills while reducing stress and boosting creativity.

Another side to think about is your kid’s future. Did you know that the video game industry is growing an inch bigger every day? There has never been a good time for your kid to take interest in the video game development process than now. Your kid can easily go from playing video games to designing and developing one for themselves as well as for the world and become one of the renowned and highly-paid video game developers and sellers on a global scale.

The shining future of video game development

It is expected to exhibit an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020–2025) of 1.8%, leading to a projected market volume of US$30,444m by 2025. In order to put it into perspective, it is more money than what you ever have to spend on teaching your children video game development. The video game sector is today believed to be 10 times bigger than most industries around the world, and it is meant to only get bigger, especially with the growth in video games and virtual reality technology.

Advantages of being a video game designer

How is it a good career move? How can your kid fit in it? Here are some of the top roles that make video game development is what it is.

Video game developers bring imaginations to life

Creative and imaginative kids might have special interests in video games. This is an intrinsically creative industry, nevertheless. The most substantial task for a video game developer is to present an idea, then bring it to life right on the screen. In each game, the designer needs to build a story, followed by some rules and how all these have got to come together as an END PRODUCT. Kids who love playing video games today can end up developing games for tomorrow. One day, it can be their mere ideas that others would be playing and enjoying.

Compared to the market interest, skills are a shortage in the growing video game industry

As you have touched up already, the video game industry is swelling every second. The demands for skilled video game designers and programmers are going to be far higher in the future. However, even today, there is a shortage lacking suitable candidates in the technology industry. Big companies are already sticking their hands out for skilled people to fit in the roles. If your child is the one with all sorts of curiosity and imagination capabilities, they could fill the role pretty quickly.

There’s good money in the video game sector

How much game designers are paid depends on different factors. Their experience, age, and skills for example. This is true of almost all careers. To give you a better idea, video game developers are on average earning more than $134,723 per year. Developers who have branched out on their own to develop the next big game of their lives are set to earn even more.

The job companies intend to multiple disciplines, not only technology

While computer game designs are at the core of technology, it can be so much more than this. A typical video game developer will have a strong background in computer science or what is otherwise known as coding, but they will also have the passion and curiosity to walk the extra miles and bring their mere imagination to life.

How can you help your child get into video game design?

There are, unfortunately, not that many colleges and universities that offer video game design and development courses to the students. However, there are now a few educational communities focusing on providing additional and fully career-oriented courses to elementary and middle-schoolers just to strengthen their bases for tech-savvy careers.

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