Should your child be learning how to code when they’re still in elementary school?

Children learning how to code in schools is a trending thing that has effectively hit public schools in the past years. It is all the ripples that have spread from high schools to elementary schools to after — school institutes at all levels. It is a movement that teaches kids how to code at an early stage. Nations around the globe — not just developed Asian countries or western countries — are already getting on board and joining hands with tutors to introduce coding to their kids. Kids are getting exposed to software, games, mobile application programming languages earlier. How young can these children be for it to make sense to introduce coding to them?

Procedural memory

Being parents, you might think that it’s pointless to teach your kids coding before they even learn how to properly read and write. Leading coding experts or tutors, however, are finding that this is not the case in practice. Kids aged from 7–12 have a lot of potentials to learn computation and algorithms that it’d be an embarrassment to wait until they become responsible teenagers before they are taught the foundations. Exposing your kids to a second language ensures cognitive enhancement. Making their brain work on learning something new at a tender age only helps them become creative, critical, and have a declarative memory.

Computational thinking

Coding classes for kids do not really push on memorizing how to use specific tools. Rather, the concentration is on getting acquainted with the ideas which are the foundation of coding, such as sequencing, conditionals, and debugging. Children learn how to make rules and conditionals which can be brought together to develop something, like a brand new video game. Programming classes in elementary schools are not only about sitting children in front of a couple of computers and teaching them how to write coding lines. Tutors make kids use basic computational thinking to solve problems through abstractions. There are games that help students feel encourages to work together and also build skills in computational thinking.

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