Technology — is it a boon or bane in the education sector, especially in a toddler’s life?

Innovative and highly effective technologies such as Machine Learning, Educational Software, and AI are not only bringing major changes to the field for young students but also are restructuring the role of educators across the world, making philosophical shifts when it comes to tutorial approaches, and also remodeling the scenario within a classroom.

Technology has proven to be pervasive these days — intertwined in virtually all parts of our surroundings. This impacts how mankind lives on, works, plays, and more significantly learns. With more and more technologies becoming a popular requirement across all industries today, it seems pretty much logical for schools to adapt it to teach their students more innovatively and effectively.

There, however, has been a blazing debate about the utilization of technology in the education sector especially those teaching toddlers. The debate has recently come out to be even more interesting as people who support the application of technology in primary schools are post-digital natives or whom we call the Generation Z. This very demographic legion, famous for its almost an indissoluble existence from their smartphones, when realizing the bane of excessive use of technology has to be unable to veto against its applicability in the education sector.

Having said all this, there’s no denying the fact that technology has given so many more things to us at the same time. The education sector is one of the integral and key parts of our lives, and if it can make the wise use of technology, there’s no point in vetoing against its use in this discipline. Technology is here to stay and schools/parents can make wise use of it too, only if they follow these tips with their students, especially during this pandemic when kids are taking online classes –

Limit the screen time, not only the use of the internet –

Remember, your kids need protection from excessive exposure to any activity online and for this, you are advised to limit the screen time. Talk to your kids and make sure you come to a mutual accord about the number of hours they should be allowed to sit on their computers throughout the day. Online classes are exempt.

Talk to them about the use of technology only for constructive purposes –

And, online classes are one of them. Besides, engage them in reading, video editing tasks, more tasks to enhance their analytical skills, and reading outside syllabus books. As teachers and parents — you should guide them to achieve only what they can apply in the future for some practical outcomes. Using technology only to learn could be challenging for your youngsters to understand unless you help them out without suppressing their fun and enthusiasm.

Fix a time for everything –

Being parents in the modern age is itself a challenge. This pandemic has put limitations on your child’s exposure to outside, friends at the schools, and even friends on the block. They are being made to take online classes, play online games or sit to watch cartoons for hours on YouTube. This might have a negative impact on them as they might gradually forget to spend time with their parents, siblings, and friends. Therefore, you need to fix a time for everything, including game times and cartoon times.

Technology in a toddler’s life can be a boon if educators and parents are being cautious about its usage.

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