What are some of the basic skills kids develop from learning how to code?

With the continuous innovation in technology over the past decade, the ability of software engineering has become increasingly significant. There are several benefits of software engineering for kids that go far beyond the basic use of computers.

While most parents see software engineering as highly technical expertise, it is, in fact, just another literacy form, for example, a new language, however for computers. To live and succeed in the 21st century, kids need to be smarter than ever. They have got to be thinking way ahead of their time because time is what is ticking away. Whether it be the education sector or employment sector, unless your kid is counted amongst the aggressive competitors, they have a very slim chance of succeeding in their overall life. You must not take these words otherwise, because the fact still remains unchanged.

A kid is, sure, not to be smothered under a mounting pile of homework and exams. They definitely need a space to breathe and play around, because this is also part of their physical and cognitive growth. But, software engineering skills are an advantage not just in the employment sector, but also allow perks for kids and students in life on the whole. Today, we will be looking at some of the top benefits of learning software engineering, but first, what is it exactly?

What is software engineering or coding?

Let’s continue with the term ‘coding,’ because it’s easier for all to relate with. Coding refers to a primary method of communication using a computer. You use a language to give computer commands so it functions according to your needs. Coding is the fundamental base of all the desktop software, apps, video games, smartphones, and websites you use today for a variety of purposes.

There are different types of coding, depending on what you are looking forward to building. Simply put, coding is like giving commands to a machine so it could produce the required specific results.

What are the advantages of teaching coding to children?

Learning to code has multiple advantages when it comes to programming a computer efficiently. Software engineers can develop software or apps that can help mankind solve a daily problem, or allow it to learn something completely new. When we, however, look beyond the computers, learning software designing and development has further benefits.

The following are the top benefits of learning how to code for kids and students that simply go beyond the computers –

Computer programming encourages logical thinking

Computer programming requires logical thinking and it teaches kids how to solve complex problems by breaking them down into little pieces of problems which become easier to manage and get along with. This very process is known as decomposition. Even if your child doesn’t tend to become a professional software engineer or a computer programmer, they will always benefit from learning it in the first place.

Learning computer programming helps a kid’s creativity

Coding makes a child think out of the box. It is, after all, all about innovating something and not following up on something. How brilliant would it be if your kid ends up designing his own app or video game sometime in the future? When your kids learn how to code, it maximizes their creativity and they feel able to come up with their own ideas to solve problems. This is a key skill that extends far beyond a computer.

When kids learn ‘coding’ they naturally develop persistence

Perseverance is not an easy feature to develop, especially for a child or an elementary student. It is, however, a key skill to develop in life. You will never want your kids to just give up on their dreams or a constructive habit, just because they couldn’t handle a complex problem to breakthrough. You will want them to keep going. Computer programming teaches kids persistence, that is to solve problems they are facing and keep going.

Coding helps develop resilience

Resilience is not something you get to read in some book and you learn all about it the next morning. Children need to experience it to develop it. An immense advantage of learning a computer program is that kids learn to develop resilience through troubleshooting the challenges laid out in front of them. When they hit the wall, they are pushed to find a solution as quickly as possible and all by themselves. If failed at the first attempt, they try again and keep trying until they find a satisfactory solution.

Coding improves a kid’s communication skills

Learning ‘computer programming’ is like learning a new tongue. It might not be Italian or Spanish, but learning how to code utilizes some of the similar skills we build up when we learn a new tongue, When we learn a new tongue, we get better at communications. But the question is why? We learn how to break matters down to speak simply and efficiently. The same applies to coding. Computers are surprisingly able to comprehend your demands when your instructions are written in the simplest way possible. This is how coding helps kids develop better communication skills.

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